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UPDATE: Only two openings left.

it’s here. Finally! I’ve had so many requests and inquiries for another boudoir weekend we decided it was time. Join Heather Snowie and I for an incredible weekend of lingerie, white sheets, maybe a little bondage tape (if that’s what you’re into), and beautiful light in downtown Toronto.

Date: Friday March 15/16/17 2013 (last Friday of March break for you sexy school teachers!!!!)

WhereThe Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto

Whophotographer-Kate Hood, khi Photography & hair/make-up-Heather Snowie

What: Boudoir Marathon

  • each PRIVATE booking is 2-2.5 hours, professional hair & make up, yummy-healthy snacks, champagne
  • customized experience tailored to your tastes & your body

Although I’m calling this a boudoir marathon weekend it’s absolutely unlike other “marathon” experiences. Each session is private, in a two storey suite (we’ve booked the Tower Suite at the Gladstone). Each boudoir session is fully customized to you! You’ll have lots of opportunity to plan with us how you’d like to look and feel, tell us your story and why you’re (FINALLY) doing this? You’ll have at least an hour of hair & make-up before your session and each shoot is at least 1 hour in length. As each client is given the luxury experience there are only 8-9 sessions open over the 3 days. We won’t be shooting more than 3 sessions each day. This means you get our full attention, service and creative…genius! No skimping here.

Are you convinced? Still feeling a little shy?

Head over the contact page and send me note. I’d love to hear from you… INQUIRE ABOUT BOUDOIR

Gladstone Boudoir Photos

Toronto Boudoir Photographers

I’m thrilled about this little venture. Last week I teamed up with an incredible group to shoot this commercial set. So many stills to add to the collection, some video too! Stay tuned…would love to hear from you.

Muskoka Lingerie Photography

Muskoka Boudoir Photographers

Couples Boudoir Photography

Photography: Kate Hood, khi Photography

Lingerie: Lindsay Alexander, Little Black Bow

Hair & Make-Up: Tracey Walsh, FYI For Your Image & Stella & Dot

Styling: Bryn Allison, An Artistic Affair

Video: J.P. Borchart

Location: Bala Bay Inn, Bala, Ontario

I just can’t wait any longer.

I’m so excited to be shooting boudoir. I love it. It’s my favourite. I get so much out of these sessions creatively, professionally, energetically.

Best thing about shooting women? My clients. I’ve written about this in the past; we’ve got all sorts of body stuff going on…I commend all the women that confront the camera, their insecurities, and their sexuality!

The month of January was PHENOMENAL.

Here are a few shots in lower evening light. We were facing north-east-ish, the Gardiner in fact. Into the evening the light got pretty interesting. We didn’t exactly see a sunset but we did see the sparkling sun setting in the windows of the skyscrapers to the East. It cast some very dramatic evening light into the condo.

SA came south from Muskoka on Saturday morning just to model for me. I had blast. I hope she did too. At one point she asked me if it’s typical for a boudoir client to have so many changes… “not really”. This is just wee snippet of her session.

I’m hoping her boyfriend is as impressed with her modelling skills as I was. I think he’ll love this. Like many of the women I worked with over the weekend SA and her partner are miles apart and see each other one or twice/month. Next reunion will be pretty sweet. Enjoy this session. Much more to come, as I said this just the beginning of my time with SA.

And thanks to Heather Snowie, MU for her awesome talents.


Here is a quick little taste of LC’s session from Saturday afternoon.

LC did this for her boyfriend, who’s been working away for 6 months. She sent him a sexy little album for Valentine’s Day. It will be a good day on a the work site.

I’m not sure LC knew she looked like this! Pretty gorgeous, hey?! As a side note, LC was my best friend in elementary school. She moved from Brampton to Toronto in grade 3. We wrote many letters back and forth, but eventually lost touch. Facebook reunited us a couple of years ago, and on Saturday afternoon we met for the first time in 22 years. I loved it. After her session we sat and drank wine. We chatted about all the things we remembered about each other and our families. Pretty awesome experience. We’re even planning an old fashioned summer cottage weekend this year.

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