Someone who’s work I admire very much, said to me “just don’t make us read your bio for an hour”. She said it with a smile. I received it with similar crunch of the face muscles, perhaps not best described as a smile, though.

I will not bore you with my novel of a bio. Short version; I’m a mom – to a feral middle school kid, I desperately love this job – it’s a huge part of my identity, I grew up in the city but now live happily at the beach. My heart will always belong close to the water. The best place to see more of my life and daily adventures is my personal IG page, We’re all there. It’s a pretty honest little breakdown of life with a singleton.

I will say I struggle everyday with my craft, the idea of photography – making my work better, more meaningful (and sometimes, like now, I feel silly calling it “my craft”). And other times I think I just took the best photo EVER. Like EVER! I take a lot of happy photos of playful families and couples on their wedding day and find myself capturing moody, romantic images in my more intimate work. I work hard for my clients and really like it when we become friends. Generally we like drinking wine together. Some of the people I’ve worked for are now muses.

Short. And to the point.

Call me.