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About a month ago I began offering virtual photo sessions. They’re amazing, so easy and tons of fun.

In celebration of Mothers Day two virtual sessions each worth $150 are up for grabs.

Head over to either of my Instagram pages to win!

instagram.com/katehood.empower or instagram.com/khi_photography

This has been quiet month to say the least. A quiet month scattered with a little fun, some panic, worry and low key adventures. I, along with my family returned home from Dominican on March 20, a week early and promptly started isolation in the city…with my family. We didn’t leave the house for two week. Three generations of moms, 3 elementary aged boys, and a grandpa. Ordered chaos!

My sister and I took advantage of this time! She’s been modelling for me since the beginning, maybe 10 years now – and she’s a super babe!

We spent one afternoon getting kicked off Facebook for live streaming a boudoir session…I knew better. Our second attempt is still posted in my private group. Definitely worth a few minutes. Our parents have this amazing bathroom they renovated in the 80’s. Cedar panelled walls, a huge tub and a full, wall sized mirror. Oh and this one giant window right beside the bath. It’s the coolest bathroom and apparently the best little studio.

Toronto Low light moody floral boudoir 2
Toronto Low light moody floral boudoir 3
Toronto Low light moody floral boudoir 3
Low light moody floral boudoir Toronto 4
Low light moody floral boudoir Toronto 5
Low light moody floral boudoir Toronto 6
Low light moody nudes Toronto 1
Low light moody nudes Toronto 2
Low light moody nudes Toronto 3
Low light moody nudes Toronto 4
Low light moody nudes Toronto 5

Notice the electrical tape on her nipples…note, that doesn’t satisfy Facebook’s community standards. My 21 day countdown is on.

Theres this place where boudoir and body positive photographers congregate in the summer. It’s called Camp Do More and it’s very special. We learn, pose, swim nude, take classes, eat tacos and generally act like a bunch of misfit badasses. I’m login back in June. Here is the collection of last years images from two course – Shake Shit Up with Teri Hofford and Men with Jen.

This wild and authentic woman was an absolute joy to photograph. She’s courageous, open, vocal, opinionated, and has a heart bigger than I’ve ever seen.

One day she stopped me public to tell me how loved and worthy I am. She reassured me and hugged me. I cried in her arms that morning…I was on the way to the gym!

We’ll do this again soon.

Join Carla Preston, an author, speaker, and founder of The You Are Worthy Movement and I tonight at 730pm for a facebook live interview. We’ll be chatting about body positivity, women’s empowerment, self love, and my facebook page (KateHood.Empower), and each of our experiences.

Head over to her facebook page to watch; https://www.facebook.com/carlajpreston

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