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Stefanie and Zach…a perfect delight shooting with these two. We had one day together in Muskoka. Just a single date to plan around. The weather didn’t matter, the temperature wasn’t a problem. We just made it work. A perfectly stormy engagement session during one of the most wintery months of year, in a place that’s already seen 15 feet of glorious snow. Taboo Resort near Bracebridge was a great location for us!Muskoka Winter Engagement Photos Weddings at Taboo Resort Weddings at Taboo Resort Winter Taboo Engagement Photographs Winter at Taboo Resort Winter at Taboo Resort Winter at Taboo Resort Winter at Taboo Resort Muskoka Winter Engagement Photos Muskoka Winter Engagement Photos

Ok, so maybe winter is almost over. Maybe as of today it’s pretty much over. Who cares ’cause winter in Ontario is awesome, puppies are fun, and this couple’s snowy engagement session was a treat to shoot in my back yard. I’m so looking forward to their weekend long wedding in Sudbury at the end of October. Hopefully…maybe…there will be a little less snow…?

Cheers to you, dear Michelle and Frank. You were true troopers. Your dogs were a riot and both J and I enjoyed our afternoon together.

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