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On October 21, 2011 a group of photographers will be departing for Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a Destination Wedding Photography Workshop. I REALLY want to be one of them!!! But not just any-one of them, I want to be THE photographer who won her place on the course. This will require a lot of FB voting solicitation. I would appreciate all the help I can get. Take a close look at the image then follow the instructions below…hopefully this image is compelling enough to…


Muskoka Baby Photographer

OK…so this is THE image! The image that represents ME as a photographer.

I love truth in images. Babies are pretty awesome too.

I also love capturing a popular subject with just a touch of edge.

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For many reasons this was a very special wedding for Jay and I. When Michelle booked us we had no idea there were so many close connections. I suppose I should make this assumption when shooting close to home. In this case at beautiful Bracebridge United Church,  The Fairways at Kirrie Glen for the reception, and Touchstone on Lake Muskoka. After a few emails back and forth and then a wedding invitation we discovered that Jay and the Groom, Derek grew up together. They were both trouble makers in high school…I had never met Derek but did know his mother who still lives in Sundridge. It was wonderful to be at wedding where there with so many familiar faces. This wedding was also one of our last of the season, Thanksgiving weekend. It was a beautiful way to spend this time of thanks and celebrate the end of season. And most importantly this wedding was so special because of Michelle, our Bride. I discovered early on that Michelle was so not into photographs of herself. In fact it was this preference that drew her to us. She really appreciated our affinity for candid/photojournalistic perspective. I promised Michelle we’d avoid {as much as possible} the typical “smile and look at me” poses. I think we did a pretty good job getting some very sneaky, very beautiful images of her {pssssst, Michelle, you are beeeeeautiful!}. I must say Derek was a total ham, happy to be the centre of attention. He tok the pressure off.

It was a day to remember, rain, snow, sunshine, and wind…a lift truck for the group shot and a romantic power outage to finish it off. Congratulations to Michelle, Derek and your wonderful families! To view the rest of this sneaky wedding album visit Smugmug, http://katehood.smugmug.com/Weddings/Michelle-and-Derek-a-little

And then the power went out. Just like that. regardless the party continued, the generator hummed, and the dancing commenced.

Here are a couple of additional shots from our recent Toronto Island Wedding at Gibralar Point. To view the first wedding post visit here, https://khiphotography.wordpress.com/2009/09/25/liz-and-cheryl-married/. Have I told you we love Liz and Cheryl? We do, a lot. Congratulations L and C.

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I know, I know I really do say it every time, but we are so lucky to work with such awesome couples! Kathy and John were no exception. We know these two through a good friend here in Sundridge and were pleased to photograph their wedding. The day began at Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast in Pembroke, a beautiful location for photos in town. Jay and I spent the night in one of their rooms and absolutely loved it! You should go!!!

Then it was off to the ceremony, another great location…a blueberry farm on the edge of town. Hugli’s Blueberry Ranch has it all, fresh berries, a petting zoo, a great view, incredible set up…and a very organized staff.

Thanks Kathy and John…and everyone from Pembroke! We love it there.

P.S. This post is totally dedicated to all things KATHY…she was so into bonding with the camera. Kind of my dream as a photographer…

John, the handsome groom is pretty talented with tools (kind of makes a living building beautiful things…Nalon Renovations in Pembroke). Take a look the alter! Kathy had been talking about this alter John was going to build, I assumed it was going to be fairly standard in terms of wedding alters….beautiful and traditional. Well as you can see it is a sculptural masterpiece! WOW, John…I love it. I was floored.

This was so great! Kathy and the wedding part sang the ENTIRE entrance song, “I Gotta Feeling”! It was crazy.

At last the blueberries! It poured all afternoon, so we didn’t get to gallivant through the fields but we did score a basket of gigantic fresh blueberries. After this series was done we ate them all and loved every bite.

Another great shot captured by my brilliant husband, Jay.

Ah, the toilet scene. Kathy is one of four sisters and also a twin to my dear friend Bethy. The five of us piled into the bathroom stall and enjoyed a short “portrait” session. This was Kathy’s warm up.

Kathy’s nephew was a dancing machine. UNSTOPPABLE. This is just a snippit of his performance.

Once it stopped raining we took advantage of the incredibly clear night. Love is so dreamy.

Fantastic DJ! We loved partying with this crowd.

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We were so excited for Pam and Ken’s wedding day! We knew we were to look forward to an intimate family gathering, just about 50 close family and friends. It was perfect and we so enjoyed ourselves. Regardless of the fact that we hadn’t met Pam and Ken until the day before, by the end of the day all 50 of their guests felt like family. As a side note, Jay and I are not the kind of photographers that hide in various corners shooting with a zoom lens. We both feel great pride when guest and family members assume we’re part of the party. Getting to know our couples and understanding their guests relationships mean we take more intimate and meaningful images.

Heading into the long weekend we expected a level of excited chaos. We had two weddings to shoot and both were relatively local, the fist in Sundridge and Pam and Ken’s in Magnetawan. This Sunday afternoon wedding party was just the thing we needed. Both of them are so easy going, gracious and kind. It was a great pleasure to work with them. We are lucky to live in cottage country…so many beautiful place to be married. Take a look at their full wedding album here (candids, groups shots, and family galore)

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