WOW-WOW-WOW! Can I just say…wow. This day was awesome. I do say that about every wedding (because every wedding is)…but holy smokes this was so cool. You may know this if you read this blog,  Jay and I are pretty much in love with Liz and Cheryl. They are our cousins and avid subjects. To date we have captured them on 3 separate occasions; engagement,  wedding shower, wedding,  oh wait…and at Amy and Tammy’s weddings.

So there are many photos to share…because many things happened. First we took the 1030am ferry to Toronto Island where we walked (or road our bikes) to the far side. We arrived at Gibralar Point, each received a birch bark canoe with a homemade beeswax candle, then we walked through a very bushy path where Feist, Hawksley and other fabulous music was coming from. Each of us chose our places on  bright orange and yellow beach blankets. Imagine a crystal blue sky, sparkling water as the eye can see and the annual regatta…100 incredible sailboats making their way past us. A flawless day. We released our handcrafted canoes, sent a blessing out to “sea”, and released monarch butterflies. Dreamy. We ate in the garden said our thank yous and I love yous and played on the beach. It was truly a day to remember.

P.S. Not only did Jay and I get to spend the day with some of favourite people, doing what we love…we also celebrated our first anniversary. As I mentioned to Liz and Cheryl’s guests we could not imagine a more meaningful way to spend our first wedding anniversary that to be with the women we love. They have been beautiful role models for us in our own adventure through love.

We were so blessed to have this opportunity. A long weekend in Toronto, eating at our fave Korean place (Bloor and Clinton), shooting the most wonderful wedding on Toronto Island, enjoying our family, and simply loving life.

Enjoy the magic!