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I have known Amy since…forever, our cottages were next door to one another growing up. We share some pretty fun childhood memories. Luckily we live in close proximity to each other as adults, so I’ve been able to enjoy watching her babies grow up…and these are a pair of cuties! When she asked me to photograph her family as a father’s day gift for her husband I knew we’d have too much fun! These two are hilarious…boisterous and dramatic! We played eye spy, were serenaded Caleb and his acoustic guitar, rolled in the grass, and even played with the new puppy. Totally magical. A very special session for me. Enjoy!

To view their full album visit, http://katehood.smugmug.com/Family/booth-family-portraits.

To book your own fall or winter family session visit my site, http://www.katehoodinc.com.

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EEEEEK, I am very excited and nervous about this show. Perhaps you are following me on Facebook or Twitter?! In which case you’d know about this upcoming show. I have had such little time (or so it seems) to get things together. Just last week I was finally inspired by SOMETHING! And here it is…”Community and Theater” by Kate Hood of KHI Photography. This is the story…

I am so happy to have a chance to showcase some fine art pieces. I spend so much time promoting my business, I now have this wonderful opportunity to create pieces that are not about making money or selling a name but about the creative, the community, and of course the local theater (shows theme). The Blue Canoe Art Gallery is a fantastic edition to our community. I hope that its visitors find pure enjoyment in just looking…

“Community and Theater 1” by Kate Hood

“Community and Theater 2” by Kate Hood

“Community and Theater 3” by Kate Hood

“Community and Theater 4” by Kate Hood

“Community and Theater 5” by Kate Hood

“Community and Theater 6” by Kate Hood

“Community and Theater 7” by Kate Hood

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