A beautiful lakeside wedding in Port Severn! We couldn’t have asked for a better day. I’m so lucky to shoot weddings like this every weekend. Outdoors, at the cottage, under blue skies (usually), at the lake, with happy beautiful people…so lucky!

Kristen and Jon contacted me all the way from bustling Dubai…a few emails, some Skype calls and finally a wedding day. Over the past years they’ve been teaching overseas and loving every second. From Barrie to Port Severn to Dubai! So crazy. This wedding was a big fat day of love and sunshine! The kindness, support, and generosity shared this day was overwhelming. K & J are truly and deeply loved. It was of course a bitter-sweet day, they were celebrated, we all laughed and cried, and there was plenty of chatter about their trip back home to Dubai.

Congratulations Kristen and Jon Miller. I loved this day. Shooting your wedding was such a joy! See a few more sunshiny wedding photos on the FB Page