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After the New Born Photography shoot last week, there was a rush to edit, copy, post, and print various versions of the images. The baby’s name is Katie, at the time of the Portrait Session she was 6 days old, 7 lbs. Her mom and I spend 4 hours stuffed in the studio trying to keep new born Katie warm and asleep. Mom finally accomplished it. I am in the process of creating a photo book for Katie and her family. I use the free software, BookSmart, from Blurb. So far my experience with them has been fantastic. The final product is beautiful and well priced.

Here is a sample of the layout, from my (KHI Photography’s) first New Born Photo Shoot.

by KHI Photography, http://www.katehoodinc.com

I’ve finally done it! The home studio is up and running. Its totally ghetto and super fabulous. Luke Preston of Pro-Fit Productions was my first test subject on Thursday. He and I are working out together, creating a website for his business, and obviously celebrating is super-fabulous hotness! He needed some head and body shots for his personal portfolio. Enjoy…

“Luke and His Body” by KHI Photography

“Luke and His Body 2” by KHI Photography

“Luke and His Body 3” by KHI Photography

“Luke and His Body 4” by KHI Photography

“Luke and His Body 5” by KHI Photography

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