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My oldest friend and summer sister got married in her backyard, last week. I cried all day. She was beautiful. The most beautiful. Her children were the sweetest and her wedding day was absolute perfection.

This is a very quick sneak peek. Just a few images of Jules, Paul and the kiddos getting ready. If you’re going to list all the reason to wed after babies this might come in at number one. So romantic.

I love them dearly. Congratulations.

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Ontario Bridal Portraits Ontario Bridal Portraits

Ontario Bridal Portraits

Melissa and Rick {married}

We have had a wonderful August long weekend. Melissa and Rick’s back yard nuptials in Sundridge, Ontario were great (and our first of two weekend weddings)! Although we live here in Sundridge, this was our first summer wedding in our home town. It was wonderful and so welcoming. Of course we knew most of the guests and felt very at home in the Ayotte’s beautiful back yard. It was a perfect setting, flowers in bloom, apples trees drooping with fruit, wonderfully shaded, it was a little oasis in the suburbs of Sundridge. After the ceremony we headed straight for the street. Melissa and Rick met over football so we thought it fitting to play a little round.

Here I just a quick little taste of images. I plan to spend most of the day editing and posting, stay tuned. Cheers to Melissa and Rick and to a perfect day!

Much love.


Have I told you I’m lucky? I’ve been pretty clear with the Universe about what I’m looking for, who I am, and the kind of work I want to produce. She’s delivered. I really love my job, like a lot. All of the lovers we’ve captured over the past year (and the one’s we’ll capture next year) have been perfect. If you’re one of them, I want to say “I love you! I’ve loved working with you, meeting you. I appreciate that you’re playful and kind and very cool, that each of your loves is unique, and that you’re willing to take risks…and giggle through the whole process.”

I feel like I’ve spent the last 48 hours rooting myself for a few upcoming Muskoka weddings (Alex & Nathan, Jon & Charlotte, Lindsey & Jamie, Melissa & Rick-marrying on Saturday, and Pam & Ken-on Sunday). This post in particular I’d like to share with you images of  Lindsey and Jamie who are to be married on August 22, on the beach. They are pretty much awesome. We shot for 4 hours and I was the only one yawning come 2pm (P.S. not out of boredom, oh no…these two have serious stamina!!!). We did it everywhere, so to speak. First the ponies, then the barn, then the field (the first field), then the forest (the first forest), then the gravel pit and the KOMATSU, then another field, then forest at their house, then to train tracks. On top of that they changed for every location.

Just one last thing, the eve prior we spent some time together about to shoot, drinking champagne, dreaming about the wedding, and planning the actual shooting day. It was lovely. Thanks J and L. Here is just a taste of their images, I could keep going…if you’re looking for more take a peek at the slideshow on smugmug.

All of our couples have made my summer! I’m feeling freshly inspired. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Jenn and Pat {got married}

I have been dying to blog about Jenn and Pat! We LOVE them and we loved their wedding.

Where to begin…well Jay and I met J and P just 24 hours pre-ceremony. They live in San Diego and hooking up in Canada became a bit of a challenge. We met with Jenn to do some last minute planning on Friday, did the run around, talked about family, and acquainted ourselves with Bear Estates in Collingwood (aka Cranberry Resort).

We were back on site the next afternoon and began shooting right away. A little worried due to rain, we were thrilled to arrive at Bear Estates to bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds. The men were stoked, hilarious and dashing I might add. The ladies we gorgeous and incredibly easy to shoot. We were so lucky to work with this party…they pretty much entertained every idea we had. From straddling gas pumps to borrowing boats, they did it all.

Did I mention we loved them. Everyone was so kind and gracious, we enjoyed the “high school table” immensely, dinner was incredible, their guests were a breeze to work with. All in all it was perfect, really. We couldn’t have planned a better day. From rain, thunder, and lightning to clear blue skies, to entire rainbows over the marina we had it all. Thanks so much to Jenn and Pat and their uber fabulous super model wedding party! You guys rocked.


My sister got married!!!! I’ve been dying to tell the world of her secret plans. Finally I can let it allllll out. MARRIED, MARRIED, MARRIED! As already mentioned, her and her new hubs live in Rankin Inlet, they came home for one month to vaycay in Cuba and attend their Engagement Party. The night before they departed for Cubes some brave soul (our momma, I think) suggested they just surprise their engagement party guests with a wedding. From that moment on they were hooked. They knew it! The two of them had been struggling over the BIG wedding plans, this smaller option was soooo them. And so they left for Cubes and my mother and I promptly began calling caterers (Orange Tree did an incredible job, by the way!), officiants, family members, and so on.

They arrived home 10 days later and announced to us all they had just been married in Cuba. Needless to say we were not surprised, we were thrilled, and continued on with the new “Canadian Wedding Plan”.

March 29 arrived and we had a ball. It went off without a hitch, and the entire group of friends and fam hummed “here comes the bride” as she walked down the aisle (party/wedding was hosted at my parents home in Brampton). My sister was gorgeous. I am sorry about just one thing, as I stood in the wedding (loved that part) I couldn’t get any shots of the actual party or peoples reactions as they entered and heard the news. I was hoping to be her official brides maid and Wedding Photographer…I did get a few opportunities to photograph in the early morn as we all enjoyed a little pampering at Ego Salon (127 Queen St in Brampton), where our hair and makeup were done. To view the entire (small) album visit my FB fan Page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sundridge-ON/Kate-Hood-Inc/29010349933.

Emilys Wedding Surprise by KHI Photography

Emily's Wedding Surprise by KHI Photography

Kelly and Summer by KHI Photography
Kelly and Summer by KHI Photography
Peek-a-Boo Kelika! by KHI Photography

Peek-a-Boo Kelika! by KHI Photography

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Emmy's Hair Do bu KHI Photography

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