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More beautiful Rankin Inlet kiddies. This time I got to shoot with Delaine and Audrey…what absolutely gorgeous children! Take a look at those eyes. This is my very favourite way to shoot…silly and crazy all wrapped into one nice little package. We dressed up in wings, they undressed, they redressed into Christmas outfits. There wasn’t a moment a stillness. It was awesome. Watching these two be their crazy silly little selves was such a blast. I giggled the whole time.

Little Charlotte…all the way from New Zealand to Rankin Inlet. Her and I spent the blizzard-y afternoon inside playing with princess dresses, dancing to Adele and bribing each other with marshmallows. She is my kinda girl. This is the result…

I’ve been to the Canadian North before, but not like this. I like to travel to the Arctic Tundra in the summer. This was different than the summer…it’s WINTER! And best of all, there was a very important baby who required “Kuniking”. What a place, what an experience! Rankin Inlet is not like the west (I’ve been to Whitehorse, Dawson, and Old Crow).

First of all there are no trees, none…we’re fairly certain dogs born in Rankin are unaware of the joys a stick can bring to their lives. Instead we “Chuck It”.

In the winter the wind is ferocious…but you can barely tell with a hood lined with the right fur.

In the winter babies snuggle in warm Amautiqs…a lined parka that slips over your head with a large pouch in the back for baby and a huge hood to protect against wind.

All year round babies are Kunik-ed instead of kissed…get really close to a baby you love, press your nose against their face and breath in deeply.

In the winter it looks like this at sunset…you look west to the rest of the world and this is what you see.

And all year round stop signs look like this.

Holly Cole in Midland was fantastic!

I attended a beautiful gala fundraiser hosted by Community Living Huronia last weekend. I was lucky enough to have exclusive photographic access to all the excitement. What a night! Completely sold out, red carpet, even a few “paparazzi”…what a show! The entire evening was a complete success. The energy was great. And the cause very meaningful.

Thank you for a such a beautiful experience and congratulations to CLH Midland. You hosted an impressive evening.

Here are a few more of my favourites from the night, head over to the gallery for a few more.

I think I’ve said this before, beautiful women are my favourite to photograph. Nude, clothed, with family, in a wedding dress…I love it. I have to admit though, capturing a body a various states of undress is a phenomenal experience. Our bodies are amazing. The first time I shot a Boudoir session I dove right in so to speak. It was over a year ago in Ottawa, my subject was none too shy…since then I’ve fallen in love with various forms of Boudoir photography.

It’s the bodies, the bodies get me every time. Some bodies are sharp and some are round, others have had babies and some are about to have them. And every single body tells a story. In fact it might not be just the bodies I love so much, but the stories they tell…the stories of it’s travels, who it’s been and especially of how it wants to be in this world.

This beautiful body below was captured a few weekends ago when I hosted The Muskoka Boudoir Weekend. The images we captured of Ms. S in front of the window are my absolute favourite. We enjoyed a private cabin by the lake, professional hair and make-up by Signature Beauty, and all the shooting we could handle in a day.

So here, I celebrate the love I have for my work and the “story-telling bodies” I love so much.

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