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Ok, one Kiwi and one Canadian. Alex and Nathan (remember their engagement shoot? https://khiphotography.wordpress.com/2009/07/17/yyz-akl-love-also-cheese/ )…and everyone from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and every other corner of the earth were so much fun to be with that day. As usual we started early shooting the wedding party getting ready, Jay off to Port Cunnington and I got to hang out at the cottage. It was a beautiful start to rainy, windy day.

{The Preparation}

The ladies seemed to be having a lovely time enjoying massages and make-up…a little last minute pressing too.

All the dresses were made by Alex’s sisty Michael, she is an incredible designer. Alex, all the way  from New Zealand trusted her sister wholeheartedly to design all of the dresses. And she did a beautiful job.

Ah, and the jewels she wore, each piece was stunning.

{The Ceremony}

We were so lucky to see the sun come out during the ceremony. In fact just moments before Alex walked down the aisle it was pouring. I even made a mad dash to our car to get all 10 of our wedding umbrellas. Turns out we didn’t need them.

If you remember Alex and Nathan’s engagement session we shot mostly at an old barn near her father’s cottage last time they visited Canada. It was a stunning location. You can imagine how sweet it was to shoot in a similar location at Port Cunnington. They have a beautiful (if not slightly dangerous) barn on the property. We took the above shot just inside the creaky door.

Alex was like a Narnian* Princess. She looked so dreamy. I can’t say enough of what an incredible job her sister did on the dresses. Alex has since offered to do the same for Michael, she’s not yet taken her up.

{The Party}

And the party begins…They were so ready! Have you ever been to a party attended by both Kiwis and Aussies? It’s dangerous. Add 50 excited Canadians, some Hockey vs. Haka talk and you don’t know which way is up!

Jay shot an entire series of this kid. He had quite a relationship with his food…

This was one of our Kiwi table mates. We loved him, he and Jay kept each other well occupied. Another stellar Jay shot.

A slide show journey through the lives of Alex and Nathan, surprisingly many parallels considering all of those continents and oceans that separated them. At this time we were also lectured on the differences between Haka and Hockey…heard of Haka, perhaps it can be described as a pre-rugby ballet?

{The Dance}

Alas, the first dance. Jay and I have been looking forward to this since we first heard the details. Alex and Nathan have been taking Tango lessons in New Zealand. They surprised their wedding guests with a very exciting first dance. Apparently this was the moment Alex was most nervous about. They rocked it and their guests loved it.


We were so excited for Pam and Ken’s wedding day! We knew we were to look forward to an intimate family gathering, just about 50 close family and friends. It was perfect and we so enjoyed ourselves. Regardless of the fact that we hadn’t met Pam and Ken until the day before, by the end of the day all 50 of their guests felt like family. As a side note, Jay and I are not the kind of photographers that hide in various corners shooting with a zoom lens. We both feel great pride when guest and family members assume we’re part of the party. Getting to know our couples and understanding their guests relationships mean we take more intimate and meaningful images.

Heading into the long weekend we expected a level of excited chaos. We had two weddings to shoot and both were relatively local, the fist in Sundridge and Pam and Ken’s in Magnetawan. This Sunday afternoon wedding party was just the thing we needed. Both of them are so easy going, gracious and kind. It was a great pleasure to work with them. We are lucky to live in cottage country…so many beautiful place to be married. Take a look at their full wedding album here (candids, groups shots, and family galore)

Melissa and Rick {married}

We have had a wonderful August long weekend. Melissa and Rick’s back yard nuptials in Sundridge, Ontario were great (and our first of two weekend weddings)! Although we live here in Sundridge, this was our first summer wedding in our home town. It was wonderful and so welcoming. Of course we knew most of the guests and felt very at home in the Ayotte’s beautiful back yard. It was a perfect setting, flowers in bloom, apples trees drooping with fruit, wonderfully shaded, it was a little oasis in the suburbs of Sundridge. After the ceremony we headed straight for the street. Melissa and Rick met over football so we thought it fitting to play a little round.

Here I just a quick little taste of images. I plan to spend most of the day editing and posting, stay tuned. Cheers to Melissa and Rick and to a perfect day!

Much love.


Have I told you I’m lucky? I’ve been pretty clear with the Universe about what I’m looking for, who I am, and the kind of work I want to produce. She’s delivered. I really love my job, like a lot. All of the lovers we’ve captured over the past year (and the one’s we’ll capture next year) have been perfect. If you’re one of them, I want to say “I love you! I’ve loved working with you, meeting you. I appreciate that you’re playful and kind and very cool, that each of your loves is unique, and that you’re willing to take risks…and giggle through the whole process.”

I feel like I’ve spent the last 48 hours rooting myself for a few upcoming Muskoka weddings (Alex & Nathan, Jon & Charlotte, Lindsey & Jamie, Melissa & Rick-marrying on Saturday, and Pam & Ken-on Sunday). This post in particular I’d like to share with you images of  Lindsey and Jamie who are to be married on August 22, on the beach. They are pretty much awesome. We shot for 4 hours and I was the only one yawning come 2pm (P.S. not out of boredom, oh no…these two have serious stamina!!!). We did it everywhere, so to speak. First the ponies, then the barn, then the field (the first field), then the forest (the first forest), then the gravel pit and the KOMATSU, then another field, then forest at their house, then to train tracks. On top of that they changed for every location.

Just one last thing, the eve prior we spent some time together about to shoot, drinking champagne, dreaming about the wedding, and planning the actual shooting day. It was lovely. Thanks J and L. Here is just a taste of their images, I could keep going…if you’re looking for more take a peek at the slideshow on smugmug.

All of our couples have made my summer! I’m feeling freshly inspired. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Oh, Jon and Charlotte! How I love theeeeeeee…well, I was lucky enough to get in another little Ottawa weekend before summer is over. J & C will be married in Muskoka but will be living in Ottawa full time after the wedding. We had not yet met, which is usually the case pre pre-wedding. Charlotte was painting nails and Jon was waiting patiently went I arrived. We chatted, and planned, and did a little dreaming. When it was time to leave they began packing! I get REALLY excited when couples “pack” for a photoshoot. It means we’re doin’ it up right! Costume changes, posy posing, lovey loving, and location, location, location. I knew we were meant to be when Jon began packing the bag and Charlotte told me how wonderful, creative, and organized he his! We went everywhere, we shot for hours from Capitol Hill, to the Market, and then back along the Canal.

Pre-wedding sessions are so important to me! I can’t stress this enough, getting to shoot with a couple before the wedding teaches each of us so much. I learned that Jon and Charlotte are uber silly and very sweet. They love to play and pose and ham it up a little. It was awesome. They are awesome!

Cheers to J & C and there HUGE wedding party of fun on Sept 26. I anticipate jumping, wading, golfing, laughing, running, and maybe even some boating! Can’t wait. I really love my job. Jon and Charlotte, I had a perfect day!

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