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This was a great shoot!!! Maya and Jacob were game for anything. I met with their momma the afternoon before our shoot and made a few plans…again another cold day in Rankin Inlet, so we shot inside. Plans are lovely, but this was better. More little monkeys on the bed, monkeys in the bath, monkeys with cats, and the cutest little brother and sister monkeys all over each other. Maya calls her big brother “my jacob”. Everywhere he was, she wanted to be too. Everywhere she was, he has his eye on her. I spent four hours shooting with them, first with these two and then a second little shoot in the afternoon. They were lovely. I sincerely hope I get to have more afternoons with these two when they come visit Ontario.


Again, my favourite way to shoot. Just let the little monkeys go crazy!!! This time I had the pleasure of shooting with Luke and Abby…too darn cute. Luke was pretty much dedicated to his Super Mario Cart when I arrived. Abby on the other hand LOVES the camera. Her momma even caught her looking at herself in the mirror behind me. So funny. This day was too cold to shoot outside so we played in bed instead. At one point we all had family character names. The only way to to get Luke to hold still and look at me (for just one second) was to give him a puppy name. “Hudson, sit, smile”. Worked like a charm…too bad I hadn’t thought of this trickery earlier.

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Sigh*…to capture dear Rowan was a breeze! A very exciting, funny, and silly breeze. Ms. Rowan may be one of the easiest children to photograph ever…like in the history of children’s photography. And this not to say I don’t have a wonderful time with all the kids I get to play with. It simply means I have never worked with a child so involved in the photographic process. Rowan and I had met before, if only briefly (I don’t think she would have remembered), she greeted me on her Sundridge stoop, with puppy and mommy in tow. She had a basket of goodies; a two two, balls, scarves, wands, dresses…and the list goes on (Lori, Rowan’s momma makes the most incredibly unique children’s toys, check out her great stuff on Etsy, http://beneaththerowantree.etsy.com . It was if we were old friends, she didn’t skip a beat.

We only shot for about 2 hours, but within those 120 minutes she didn’t stop smiling…at the camera. Every frame was a new and uber fabulous pose. And when it was all said done she pouted. Rowan could NOT understand why this photographic fun was over, why I couldn’t stay and play all night?!

I LOVE working with children. Children’s photography is so much fun. Whether kiddies are shy and quiet or boisterous and outgoing, every one I capture comes with a new perspective. Cheers to a great summer of weddings, families, and babies!

To enjoy Rowan’s session in it’s entirety click here, http://katehood.smugmug.com/Family/Under-the-Rowan-Tree.

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What great day with the Pratts! We’ve been trying to get this photo shoot done for ages. With a such rainy summer it’s no wonder we had to postpone. But in the end it was well worth the wait. The weather was incredible, the kids we awesome…we walked and walked, chatted along the way and then finally ventured to Ragged Falls on the Edge of Algonquin Park. It was an afternoon well spent. Thanks Pratts! FYI, You may recognize the Pratts from the Huntsville area, Daddio Pratt also known as Mr. Pratt is THE electrician, http://www.ronprattelectric.com/. Serving Muskoka, Parry Sound, and Haliburton for over 12 years. Call him.

Enjoy the picts!

P.S. If you haven’t yet been to ragged falls…GO. It’s a little bit magical. Take lunch, a bathing suit, and some great company…oh and don’t forget your camera.

I have known Amy since…forever, our cottages were next door to one another growing up. We share some pretty fun childhood memories. Luckily we live in close proximity to each other as adults, so I’ve been able to enjoy watching her babies grow up…and these are a pair of cuties! When she asked me to photograph her family as a father’s day gift for her husband I knew we’d have too much fun! These two are hilarious…boisterous and dramatic! We played eye spy, were serenaded Caleb and his acoustic guitar, rolled in the grass, and even played with the new puppy. Totally magical. A very special session for me. Enjoy!

To view their full album visit, http://katehood.smugmug.com/Family/booth-family-portraits.

To book your own fall or winter family session visit my site, http://www.katehoodinc.com.

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