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Why take that leap? A lot of effort, a lot of planning, a lot of money, just a lot of stuff to think about, really. That is what stops women from booking.

This is why it shouldn’t stop you…

“WOW!!!!  I can’t believe that’s me, they are AMAZING!  Thank you!!  It’s so exciting, I am sitting here grinning from ear-to-ear, I just want to keep looking at them! 😉  That and do fun little twirls around in celebration…”

Ms. S was nervous. Convinced she could not pull off sexy. She knew she felt comfortable naked (in fact she loves being naked, she told me), but didn’t think she could make it look sexy. Well, turns out she did exactly that. She absolutely pulled off sexy. Ms. S is eloping in just a few short weeks, a perfect civil ceremony at a courthouse, officiated by a judge, a judge-friend. And to top it off, an early morning departure to paradise. I have feeling March will be a beautiful “new life” beginning  for Ms. S and Mr. “Ms. S”.

Muskoka Toronto Boudoir Photographer

Muskoka Toronto Boudoir Photographer

Muskoka Toronto Boudoir Photographer


Here is a quick little taste of LC’s session from Saturday afternoon.

LC did this for her boyfriend, who’s been working away for 6 months. She sent him a sexy little album for Valentine’s Day. It will be a good day on a the work site.

I’m not sure LC knew she looked like this! Pretty gorgeous, hey?! As a side note, LC was my best friend in elementary school. She moved from Brampton to Toronto in grade 3. We wrote many letters back and forth, but eventually lost touch. Facebook reunited us a couple of years ago, and on Saturday afternoon we met for the first time in 22 years. I loved it. After her session we sat and drank wine. We chatted about all the things we remembered about each other and our families. Pretty awesome experience. We’re even planning an old fashioned summer cottage weekend this year.

Take a look at this little gem. So happy to have my very own delicious editorial in the Huntsville Forester’s 2012 Wedding Supplement. I’d say since it’s the only editorial featuring nude women, we might just turn some heads.

Here is the direct link to the full story, Huntsville Forester Wedding 2012 and here is the 1/2 page image that accompanies the piece.

Huntsville Forester Weddings 2012 Supplement

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