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Love shooting boudoir. Especially love when I can do something a little out of my comfort zone…men. This is Mr. J. He was great, happy to be half nude and then later all the way nude…we shot a shower scene…that I won’t show you. Sorry. We had a great time shooting this series. It was Mr. J’s wife that first contacted me. Obviously he has the kind of body a lover wants to celebrate. We celebrated. The three of us shot all afternoon. Mrs. J and I giggled the whole time…she enjoyed the oil application most. Too much fun!

Want one of these for you and your lover, contact me at KateHoodInc@gmail.com


This was a great shoot!!! Maya and Jacob were game for anything. I met with their momma the afternoon before our shoot and made a few plans…again another cold day in Rankin Inlet, so we shot inside. Plans are lovely, but this was better. More little monkeys on the bed, monkeys in the bath, monkeys with cats, and the cutest little brother and sister monkeys all over each other. Maya calls her big brother “my jacob”. Everywhere he was, she wanted to be too. Everywhere she was, he has his eye on her. I spent four hours shooting with them, first with these two and then a second little shoot in the afternoon. They were lovely. I sincerely hope I get to have more afternoons with these two when they come visit Ontario.


Again, my favourite way to shoot. Just let the little monkeys go crazy!!! This time I had the pleasure of shooting with Luke and Abby…too darn cute. Luke was pretty much dedicated to his Super Mario Cart when I arrived. Abby on the other hand LOVES the camera. Her momma even caught her looking at herself in the mirror behind me. So funny. This day was too cold to shoot outside so we played in bed instead. At one point we all had family character names. The only way to to get Luke to hold still and look at me (for just one second) was to give him a puppy name. “Hudson, sit, smile”. Worked like a charm…too bad I hadn’t thought of this trickery earlier.

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Little Charlotte…all the way from New Zealand to Rankin Inlet. Her and I spent the blizzard-y afternoon inside playing with princess dresses, dancing to Adele and bribing each other with marshmallows. She is my kinda girl. This is the result…

I am so excited about these images! I attended a workshop at Pikto in Toronto last weekend, “Ultimate Fashion Photography”. The one day long course was totally inspiring. Photographer, Josh Cornell (http://www.joshcornell.com) was such a generous teacher. He covered everything from working with agencies and models to business development, and of course we got in to some shooting. It was really nice having such a small class of photographers, just 9 of us. We each had an opportunity to work with the models (Jenn and Leigh) and get to know some of the in studio equipment. This is something I have little experience with being a wedding photographer in Muskoka, Ontario. I’m almost always shooting outdoors. And when we’re indoors we’ll use the on and off camera flash, and always take advantage of natural light. Controlling massive lights with reflectors, batteries, and umbrellas is a totally different ball game.

Following any photography workshop, whether Wedding Photography, Fashion or otherwise I leave with a new energy. Working with generous teachers and other talented photographers is inspiring. We’ve all got something to bring to the table and sharing experiences has become so valuable. Cheers to a new year in business, sharing ideas and inspiration!

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