I know, I know I really do say it every time, but we are so lucky to work with such awesome couples! Kathy and John were no exception. We know these two through a good friend here in Sundridge and were pleased to photograph their wedding. The day began at Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast in Pembroke, a beautiful location for photos in town. Jay and I spent the night in one of their rooms and absolutely loved it! You should go!!!

Then it was off to the ceremony, another great location…a blueberry farm on the edge of town. Hugli’s Blueberry Ranch has it all, fresh berries, a petting zoo, a great view, incredible set up…and a very organized staff.

Thanks Kathy and John…and everyone from Pembroke! We love it there.

P.S. This post is totally dedicated to all things KATHY…she was so into bonding with the camera. Kind of my dream as a photographer…

John, the handsome groom is pretty talented with tools (kind of makes a living building beautiful things…Nalon Renovations in Pembroke). Take a look the alter! Kathy had been talking about this alter John was going to build, I assumed it was going to be fairly standard in terms of wedding alters….beautiful and traditional. Well as you can see it is a sculptural masterpiece! WOW, John…I love it. I was floored.

This was so great! Kathy and the wedding part sang the ENTIRE entrance song, “I Gotta Feeling”! It was crazy.

At last the blueberries! It poured all afternoon, so we didn’t get to gallivant through the fields but we did score a basket of gigantic fresh blueberries. After this series was done we ate them all and loved every bite.

Another great shot captured by my brilliant husband, Jay.

Ah, the toilet scene. Kathy is one of four sisters and also a twin to my dear friend Bethy. The five of us piled into the bathroom stall and enjoyed a short “portrait” session. This was Kathy’s warm up.

Kathy’s nephew was a dancing machine. UNSTOPPABLE. This is just a snippit of his performance.

Once it stopped raining we took advantage of the incredibly clear night. Love is so dreamy.

Fantastic DJ! We loved partying with this crowd.