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I love the Penny family! These kiddies are hilarious…one-more than happy to jump in Lake Bernard fully clothed, the other a bit more apprehensive. In the end we had a great time and all of us ended up soaked. Cottage family portraits are the very best, especially when you get to hang out with crazy little munchkins like this.

Trish H. found me online…all the way from Texas (love the internet). She commissioned me for a family photo shoot at the cottage in North Bay. Originally from Canada, her brother and parents still live in the GTA. One sunny afternoon I took a drive North to the family cottage. With 2 families to photograph and a rainy looking sky we needed get moving! Luckily the sun came out (which has been typical lately). I spent some time with Trish’s little ones (not actually so little). They were hilarious, playing the whole time. Poor Jack…the sun was always to bright for him. And the girls were too cute. What fun these three are to play with.

I feel quite blessed to work with clients who seem to be a perfect fit. Happy to play and chat and joke around…and even pose a little. Family photography on the lake with silly kids is my kind of work day. I had a great afternoon Trish! Thanks. Here are just few quick shots. Edits are almost done. Can’t wait to share it with the WHOLE fam.

{Take some time this year to capture your perfect day}

Remember the the warmth of the setting sun, the thrill of the season’s first dip in the lake, or the joy of kids at the beach? This year capture the magic of summer with a private photo shoot at the cottage.

Package includes planning, 1-2hr on location shoot, DVD of edited images (between 30-50), private online gallery for sharing with friends and family, and 1-8×10  enlargement

For $275 plus GST

As I’ve already mentioned my sister and fiance have been home from Nunavut for a couple of weeks. Well last eve we had a nice little party, caught up with some old friends and made some new plans. This morning the group of us ventured to the East Shore of Lake Bernard to visit our old stomping ground. My sister and I, her fiance, and my husband have all worked at the “Girls Camp” at some point over the past years. It’s rare we get a glimpse into the secret winter life of camp. It’s such a treat to walk through the property. The owner and “groundskeeper” (for lack of a better term) have remained true to the camps mission of living lightly. I had the honour of running their Earth Education program for two years (see image below). GBC is such a forward thinking company, the time, energy, and planning they’ve put into creating a “green living” experience for campers is commendable.

Here are a few shots of the afternoon…As a side note I’ve really enjoyed taking picture just for the sake of shooting. It’s been a little while.

Under Open Skies with You by KHI Photography

Under Open Skies with You by KHI Photography

Earth Education Buiding by KHI Photography

Earth Education Buiding by KHI Photography

Yellow Canoes at GBC by KHI Photography

Yellow Canoes at GBC by KHI Photography

Dinning Hall-Oh Fill My Cup by KHI Photography

Dinning Hall-"Oh Fill My Cup" by KHI Photography

OK, it’s not THAT cold. It’s not -50…my poor sister is facing -50 in Rankin Inlet. In Sunny Sundridge we are only faced with -20. That is cold enough to cancel a photo shoot, though. The camera could have made it, but the subjects are another story. I spent the weekend at our family cottage on the North shore of Lake Bernard. Sunday morning we ventured South toward the lake. We didn’t last too long but we did take some lovely pictures for my sister, who, as I mentioned previously is in Rankin Inlet.

KHI Photography, Laundry Line

KHI Photography, View of Town

KHI Photography, Untouched Winter Table

KHI Photography, Winter Husband

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