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My dear friend Wendy of Sacred Breath Yoga in Huntsville, Ontario is always willing to explore with me. One afternoon I messaged her to see if she’d be open to posing for me? That’s about all I could tell her. Just pose? Maybe with fabric, maybe nude? Maybe dance. We giggled the entire time. I just love her so much.

She is a beautiful human. Her energy is enchanting. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to join her, it’s on my bucket list – she hosts yoga and wellness retreats all over the world.

Thanks to my sweet Vanessa Monteith for hair and mu.


I think I’ve said this before, beautiful women are my favourite to photograph. Nude, clothed, with family, in a wedding dress…I love it. I have to admit though, capturing a body a various states of undress is a phenomenal experience. Our bodies are amazing. The first time I shot a Boudoir session I dove right in so to speak. It was over a year ago in Ottawa, my subject was none too shy…since then I’ve fallen in love with various forms of Boudoir photography.

It’s the bodies, the bodies get me every time. Some bodies are sharp and some are round, others have had babies and some are about to have them. And every single body tells a story. In fact it might not be just the bodies I love so much, but the stories they tell…the stories of it’s travels, who it’s been and especially of how it wants to be in this world.

This beautiful body below was captured a few weekends ago when I hosted The Muskoka Boudoir Weekend. The images we captured of Ms. S in front of the window are my absolute favourite. We enjoyed a private cabin by the lake, professional hair and make-up by Signature Beauty, and all the shooting we could handle in a day.

So here, I celebrate the love I have for my work and the “story-telling bodies” I love so much.

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I am so excited about these images! I attended a workshop at Pikto in Toronto last weekend, “Ultimate Fashion Photography”. The one day long course was totally inspiring. Photographer, Josh Cornell (http://www.joshcornell.com) was such a generous teacher. He covered everything from working with agencies and models to business development, and of course we got in to some shooting. It was really nice having such a small class of photographers, just 9 of us. We each had an opportunity to work with the models (Jenn and Leigh) and get to know some of the in studio equipment. This is something I have little experience with being a wedding photographer in Muskoka, Ontario. I’m almost always shooting outdoors. And when we’re indoors we’ll use the on and off camera flash, and always take advantage of natural light. Controlling massive lights with reflectors, batteries, and umbrellas is a totally different ball game.

Following any photography workshop, whether Wedding Photography, Fashion or otherwise I leave with a new energy. Working with generous teachers and other talented photographers is inspiring. We’ve all got something to bring to the table and sharing experiences has become so valuable. Cheers to a new year in business, sharing ideas and inspiration!

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