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{Take some time this year to capture your perfect day}

Remember the the warmth of the setting sun, the thrill of the season’s first dip in the lake, or the joy of kids at the beach? This year capture the magic of summer with a private photo shoot at the cottage.

Package includes planning, 1-2hr on location shoot, DVD of edited images (between 30-50), private online gallery for sharing with friends and family, and 1-8×10  enlargement

For $275 plus GST

WOW! Had an awesome time this week at our Video Production course. The Near North Mobile Media Lab out of North Bay (N2M2L fan page), Ontario came to South River for the day and taught us everything they possibly could about Vid Prod in 2 short days. We were split in 2 groups and charged with the task of making a little commercial. Ours turned into a 2 minute fiasco about the Spirits of South River. We had a blast and I learned a tonne form Lieanne and Holly. They were great. Looking forward to some v creative partnerships in the near future. To view the full album visit my fb fan page, http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=74701&id=29010349933.

Old Car by KHI Photography

Old Car by KHI Photography

Cross Hatch Inside by KHI Photography

Cross Hatch Inside by KHI Photography

Coloured Pipe by KHI Photography

Coloured Pipe by KHI Photography

Natalie and the Old House by KHI Photography

Natalie and the Old House by KHI Photography

Natalie, Shaun, and Lieanne by KHI Photography

Natalie, Shaun, and Lieanne by KHI Photography

Deep Black Car in South River by KHI Photography

Deep Black Car in South River by KHI Photography

Hi all, (fyi this was orginally my facebook fanpage note)

We’re well into Feb and the bookings for Spring/Summer/Fall 2009 Muskoka Wedding Photography Season are coming in. I’m now getting inquiries about dates already booked. Most bookings are now for Muskoka Weddings, but I love to travel all over Ontario for Wedding Photography.

So….this is a note/blog post to let you know that I am booking for the 2009/2010 Wedding Season. Photography packages range from $1500.00-$3700.00 (plus GST). Each Ontario Wedding Photography Package includes an Engagement Shoot Pkg, 8 hours of wedding day coverage, unlimited RAW images, unlimited access to a private online gallery of negatives, a high resolution CD of all digital negatives with release to print and share, a beautifully printed coffee table album, and various prints.

Muskoka Wedding Photographer

Cost and services above and beyond that are based on additional coverage day of wedding, coverage of rehearsal/party, assistant photographer, additional prints and albums, and Thank You Notes

If you’re interested or if you know someone who is planning a wedding this year consider contacting me with any inquiries regarding specifics and dates. And…of course please pass the word on. Referrals will be happily rewarded!!!

Much love to you all and your continued support is very much appreciate.

Toronto Wedding Photographer

P.S. Locally, keep an eye out for 2 things…Huntsville, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst 2009 Wedding Supplement (pg 16) and next week’s Almaguin News-Annual Women in Business Supplement (both myself and dear friend Naomi, of the Red Brick Cafe will be there).

Kate Hood


I really should have blogged about this long ago! I work 2 days a week at an eco-lodge. I do new media, some graphic design, photography, and host of other bits. Its a beautiful place to work, for two reasons. Its on the edge of Algonquin Park and the cofounders are wonderfully supportive people. M.L., one of our founders is also a Shamanic Healing. She’s been practicing, studying, and healing for years. Through her I’ve connected with a number of new clients. The work I do for them ranges from Photography to web development. Recently I’ve hooked up with Coyote, an energy worker and healer from the Haliburton Highlands (Haliburton, Ontario). A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to spend a weekend at her retreat centre documenting its fabulousness. On Saturday we set out on snowshoe to the yurt then Sunday we shot with her daughter and did some energy healing.

Here are a few of my faves…

Coyote and her girls, by KHI Photography

Drumming with Coyote, by KHI Photography

I finally made myself take some of those painfully difficult-for shameless self promotion-self portraits. I am working from home more often now and found myself with some time on Wednesday. As KHI Photography I find it so easy to take great pictures of OTHER people. Whether I’m photographing lovers or musicians I usually move forward with some sort of shared vision. But, man…self portraits are a bitch. I tried the char, the stool, scarf, no scarf…blah blah…I didn’t have too much time so I didn’t even bother setting up the connection between camera and computer. I just thought I’d get it all done super quickly. Yeah right.

Well, this is what I ended up with…me with QL 17 in front of face, over to the side, and in focus…out of about 100 shots these are my fave. As a side note I couldn’t tell but I think some photographer friends of mine were making fun of my choice of props. I must confess, the Canonet QL 17 is just a prop, I don’t use it…its pretty much a neat looking (broken) camera/prop.

Anyway…for you local readers (Muskoka, Parry Sound, Almaguin) keep an eye out for the Women in Business 2009 Supplement in the Almaguin News. These shots were not in vain…February 14 the supplement will come out and at least one of these shots will be put to good use.

Kate Hood, KHI Photography and Design, p. 1

Kate Hood, KHI Photography and Design, p. 2

Kate Hood, KHI Photography and Design, p. 3

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