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My dear friend Wendy of Sacred Breath Yoga in Huntsville, Ontario is always willing to explore with me. One afternoon I messaged her to see if she’d be open to posing for me? That’s about all I could tell her. Just pose? Maybe with fabric, maybe nude? Maybe dance. We giggled the entire time. I just love her so much.

She is a beautiful human. Her energy is enchanting. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to join her, it’s on my bucket list – she hosts yoga and wellness retreats all over the world.

Thanks to my sweet Vanessa Monteith for hair and mu.


A couple of weekends ago I was in Brampton shooting an Engagement session in Yorkville (find it here). When I shoot in Toronto I get to stay with my sister! I LOVE HER…and her family. She has the most fabulous little guy, Jack, the greatest baby-friendly dog you might ever meet, and her backyard was already green! It was a rainy weekend. So, you know what we do on rainy weekends? Bath time, pretty much all day, and we couldn’t resist a warm rainy afternoon of pictures in the backyard.

Meet some of my family. I love them. A lot.

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I’ve been to the Canadian North before, but not like this. I like to travel to the Arctic Tundra in the summer. This was different than the summer…it’s WINTER! And best of all, there was a very important baby who required “Kuniking”. What a place, what an experience! Rankin Inlet is not like the west (I’ve been to Whitehorse, Dawson, and Old Crow).

First of all there are no trees, none…we’re fairly certain dogs born in Rankin are unaware of the joys a stick can bring to their lives. Instead we “Chuck It”.

In the winter the wind is ferocious…but you can barely tell with a hood lined with the right fur.

In the winter babies snuggle in warm Amautiqs…a lined parka that slips over your head with a large pouch in the back for baby and a huge hood to protect against wind.

All year round babies are Kunik-ed instead of kissed…get really close to a baby you love, press your nose against their face and breath in deeply.

In the winter it looks like this at sunset…you look west to the rest of the world and this is what you see.

And all year round stop signs look like this.

This is a culmination of all my favourite things…a sister, a baby bump, a bedroom, and sexy lingerie. My dear sweet sexy sister lives in Nunavut, that’s right Nunavut! Right now it’s dark and damn cold, but still she manages to heat things up (while pregnant none the less).

So here she is…the most beautiful pregnant woman I have EVER seen. Ever! She is 7 months along, loving life, excited to meet her baby, and simply glowing. We knew while she home we’d have do a quick session (last time she was home we shot on the beach…just a little pregnant, https://khiphotography.wordpress.com/2009/09/15/beach-belly-maternity-portraits/. The afternoon before the shoot we ended up at LaSenza…the belly shoot quickly turned into a boudoir shoot! Here she is…my beautiful, sexy, wonderful, happy, easy to photograph sister.

I loved seeing her. Listening to baby’s heartbeat, feeling his hiccups, and simply enjoying a much needed visit. We are so lucky to have seen her before baby’s birth. I love you, sisty! See you in February.

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