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Enjoy! Some more delicious lingerie from Little Black Bow in Bracebridge. Just a quickie this time. More to come. Thank you once again to such an incredible team! Click the images to enlarge…;)

Muskoka Boudoir Photographers

Muskoka Boudoir Photographers

Muskoka Boudoir Photographers

Muskoka Boudoir Photographers

Muskoka Boudoir Photographers

North Bay Ontario Intimate Portraits

Ontario Intimate Portrait Photographer

Photography: Kate Hood, khi Photography

Lingerie: Lindsay Alexander, Little Black Bow

Hair & Make-Up: Tracey Walsh, FYI For Your Image & Stella & Dot

Styling: Bryn Allison, An Artistic Affair

Video: J.P. Borchart

Location: Bala Bay Inn, Bala, Ontario

I’m thrilled about this little venture. Last week I teamed up with an incredible group to shoot this commercial set. So many stills to add to the collection, some video too! Stay tuned…would love to hear from you.

Muskoka Lingerie Photography

Muskoka Boudoir Photographers

Couples Boudoir Photography

Photography: Kate Hood, khi Photography

Lingerie: Lindsay Alexander, Little Black Bow

Hair & Make-Up: Tracey Walsh, FYI For Your Image & Stella & Dot

Styling: Bryn Allison, An Artistic Affair

Video: J.P. Borchart

Location: Bala Bay Inn, Bala, Ontario

THIS IS IT! This is In Carnations in Sundridge (“like” their Facebook Fan Page here). Our sweet little town is oh-so-lucky to have such a fantastic flower designer! It’s incredible really?! Robin Andersen and her girls are doing an amazing job…they’re already planning for a ton of North Bay and Muskoka weddings booked for the summer.

I’m so pleased to share this with you. Just around Mother’s Day we decided to shoot a little series focussing just on floral design. I thought it would be great to feature this portion of what they do, especially for those brides that follow the blog, getting married in North Bay/Muskoka. I followed Robin around that afternoon while she created this stunning masterpiece.

You can reach In Carnations here (Check out their blog too):



In Carnations Wedding Flowers

Wedding Florists Muskoka

Wedding Flower Photography Muskoka

Wedding Florisits Muskoka Photographers

Wedding Photography Muskoka

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My dear friend Wendy Martin, of Sacred Breath Yoga, and I got together last week (pretty much every week, let’s be honest) and shot a series of bright shinny  spring yoga images. Every time we shoot together we spend the afternoon giggling at sideways, twisted, silly yoga poses. Often the way we imagine a pose will appear on camera is not the way it happens at all. I should clarify, often the way Wendy experiences the intricate perfection of a pose is not the way it appears on camera. This ALWAYS makes us laugh. We’ve learned to add a bit of…I don’t know…sass (?) to each of the simpler poses. She’ll often hear me say “not your serious yoga face!”

Here is just a small peek.

Join her Wendy Martin Yoga Facebook page for the most fabulous and insightful daily thoughts and of course to see a few more images. And if you’re in the in neighbourhood (downtown, Main Street, Huntsville, Ontario) pop in for a class or just to say “Hi”.

Hunstville Ontario Commercial Photographer

Huntville Ontario Commercial Photographer

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