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So, I was interviewed last week about Birth Photography by John Downs (Friendly Fire) of TALK1010 in Toronto. He caught the recent CBC.ca article in which myself and a couple of my Birth Photography clients were featured. Two very different mediums and two very different stories. It was an exciting week to say the least. I hope you enjoy! Would love to hear your thoughts…

CLICK HERE: Birth Photography Interview Toronto

Thank you so much to my family, friends, and clients for the ongoing support. The little journey is getting pretty thrilling!

Ontario Birth Photographers

Muskoka Ontario Birth Photographers

Muskoka Ontario Birth Photographers

Muskoka Ontario Birth Photographers

Muskoka Ontario Birth Photographers


Take a look at this little gem. So happy to have my very own delicious editorial in the Huntsville Forester’s 2012 Wedding Supplement. I’d say since it’s the only editorial featuring nude women, we might just turn some heads.

Here is the direct link to the full story, Huntsville Forester Wedding 2012 and here is the 1/2 page image that accompanies the piece.

Huntsville Forester Weddings 2012 Supplement

Only 15 Days and Counting!

Hello beautiful boudoir clients!

THIS IS IT. Another boudoir marathon in Toronto, Januart 21 & 22, 2012.

Treat yourself in 2012…better yet treat your lover to something they’d never expect.

A message from one of of our previous marathon clients…

“Good morning Kate!

I just wanted to say another huge, huge thank you for Saturday. I never could imagine that it would have been as fun, and comfortable as you made it. It’s not every day that a stranger can make someone in their undies feel comfortable, especially in front of a camera!!

Thank you for being so incredibly fun, professional and showing me some of the shots. Also, for spending the extra time and getting in those last few incredible pictures with the flash! I can’t wait to see them all and have you put together an album for my love.”

Can’t wait to book? Didn’t think so. Book here NOW.

THIS IS IT! This is In Carnations in Sundridge (“like” their Facebook Fan Page here). Our sweet little town is oh-so-lucky to have such a fantastic flower designer! It’s incredible really?! Robin Andersen and her girls are doing an amazing job…they’re already planning for a ton of North Bay and Muskoka weddings booked for the summer.

I’m so pleased to share this with you. Just around Mother’s Day we decided to shoot a little series focussing just on floral design. I thought it would be great to feature this portion of what they do, especially for those brides that follow the blog, getting married in North Bay/Muskoka. I followed Robin around that afternoon while she created this stunning masterpiece.

You can reach In Carnations here (Check out their blog too):



In Carnations Wedding Flowers

Wedding Florists Muskoka

Wedding Flower Photography Muskoka

Wedding Florisits Muskoka Photographers

Wedding Photography Muskoka

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