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Michael told me she was a fan of my black and whites. So, here is a selection of my favourites from their engagement session. Here’s to you dear Michael. Thanks, I almost forgot how much I love black and white. See you soon.

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North Bay Ontario Wedding Photography

North Bay Ontario Wedding Photography

North Bay Wedding Photographs

North Bay Ontario Wedding Photographers

North Bay Ontario Wedding Photography

North Bay Ontario Wedding Photographers

North Bay Weddings

My sweet nephew, Baby Henry! Born at home March 23, 723am. We were all there. Our entire family. Emily delivered baby Henry just as she had planned. Such an honour for us to have supported her through labour. It was my pleasure to photograph her newest little one.

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Sundridge newborn Photography

Huntsville newborn Photographers

Sundridge newborn Photographers

Muskoka newborn Photography

Muskoka newborn Photographers

Bracebridge newborn Photographers

You’ll get a kick out of this last image. We bribed Jack, Henry’s big brother with Marshmallows. Worked like a charm…the last shot could have been perfect except for the marshmallow booby. 😉 Love you, Jack!

Huntsville newborn Photography

Why take that leap? A lot of effort, a lot of planning, a lot of money, just a lot of stuff to think about, really. That is what stops women from booking.

This is why it shouldn’t stop you…

“WOW!!!!  I can’t believe that’s me, they are AMAZING!  Thank you!!  It’s so exciting, I am sitting here grinning from ear-to-ear, I just want to keep looking at them! 😉  That and do fun little twirls around in celebration…”

Ms. S was nervous. Convinced she could not pull off sexy. She knew she felt comfortable naked (in fact she loves being naked, she told me), but didn’t think she could make it look sexy. Well, turns out she did exactly that. She absolutely pulled off sexy. Ms. S is eloping in just a few short weeks, a perfect civil ceremony at a courthouse, officiated by a judge, a judge-friend. And to top it off, an early morning departure to paradise. I have feeling March will be a beautiful “new life” beginning  for Ms. S and Mr. “Ms. S”.

Muskoka Toronto Boudoir Photographer

Muskoka Toronto Boudoir Photographer

Muskoka Toronto Boudoir Photographer


I just can’t wait any longer.

I’m so excited to be shooting boudoir. I love it. It’s my favourite. I get so much out of these sessions creatively, professionally, energetically.

Best thing about shooting women? My clients. I’ve written about this in the past; we’ve got all sorts of body stuff going on…I commend all the women that confront the camera, their insecurities, and their sexuality!

The month of January was PHENOMENAL.

Here are a few shots in lower evening light. We were facing north-east-ish, the Gardiner in fact. Into the evening the light got pretty interesting. We didn’t exactly see a sunset but we did see the sparkling sun setting in the windows of the skyscrapers to the East. It cast some very dramatic evening light into the condo.

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