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May Mini’s 27th-29th 
There are just a handful of sessions left during our April Muskoka Mini’s weekend, but the good news is I’ve opened up 3 days of sessions at my Cottage-Studio at the beach, North of Muskoka. May is a fantastic time, the sun is out (usually), the beach is open and the water is starting to warm up. This means we can shoot your session inside and out.

BONUS: I’m including $100 credit! It means a couple of extra files, a bunch of prints, a session upgrade, or a second makeup look…you choose!

Recently Facebook and Instagram started cracking down on nudie things – their mandate is clear and generally pretty reasonable but unfortunately for so many of us in the photography industry “boudoir” has become a bit of a target. I decided last month to change both of my boudoir related names. Welcome to the new KateHood.Empower. This actually makes a whole lot more sense, don’t you think? So cheers to making changes, making waves, supporting women, and generally just loving the shot out of ourselves. 

Join the page here; KateHood.Empower

Through July and August I’m offering boudoir sessions on location, that means in your home, cottage, studio, at your beach. My own cottage turns into a place where family congregates, enjoys the beer fridge, and BBQ’s everyday. You can find us on the boat or beach with friends every Monday and Tuesdays – when all my other self employed friends enjoy weekend time! So this means my beach is closed for business but open for parties. Are you hoping for a super spicy summer session? No problem, I’ll just come to you!

Bill is my brother. Chelsea is his gorgeous and brilliant partner. Photographing them is a really lovely thing I like to do whenever we can. They always say yes. They always do what I want – he’s such a good little brother.


My dear friend Wendy of Sacred Breath Yoga in Huntsville, Ontario is always willing to explore with me. One afternoon I messaged her to see if she’d be open to posing for me? That’s about all I could tell her. Just pose? Maybe with fabric, maybe nude? Maybe dance. We giggled the entire time. I just love her so much.

She is a beautiful human. Her energy is enchanting. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to join her, it’s on my bucket list – she hosts yoga and wellness retreats all over the world.

Thanks to my sweet Vanessa Monteith for hair and mu.


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