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This summer, like every summer my place shifts gears from a cozy, homey, work/life/live boudoir studio to a full on cottage. The doors will be closed for boudoir sessions but open to friends and family for beach parties, beer fridge dates, and waterski lessons!

If you’ve considered a session at home or at your cottage in Muskoka, this is the perfect time.

We’re celebrating on June 2nd!
I think you’re probably familiar with Lindsay Alexander by now? She owns the lingerie shop, Little Black Bow in Muskoka. She’s celebrating her 8th anniversary this June. Officially it’s June 4th! Time flies.

Her and I have been dreaming of a women’s empowerment and body positivity event for about 6 months now.  We’ve nailed down a date and are getting all the details together this month. Sunday June 2nd we’ll be hosting a party of sorts. This party though will require some support; some confident customers, clients, friends and family. It’s not just an open house, not just a great sale we’re going to celebrate what it is to love ourselves, show off our confident bodies and give back to the community, all while making a fuss of things downtown Bracebridge. Stay tuned for these details – boobs, bodies, and boudoir!

I’d like you to meet Sara Ross. She’s been a friend and colleague for years now and she’ll be joining the hair and makeup team once our lovely Vanessa is further along in her pregnancy and focusing on her new mom life this summer. Instead of asking Sara for a bio I asked her partner Le to share her thoughts instead. Here you go;

‘She’s the pervy-est girl I’ve ever been with, and on a daily basis makes me blush.  That being said, she is the most compassionate, kind and loving person I have had the privilege of knowing. Sara is continuously working on self-improvement while remembering to be gentle with herself. Sara has a dark, but endearing sense of humor.  She is introspective and is well aware of all of her quirks. Sara pushes me to be my best self by supporting the decisions that I make and helping me face my fears.  She is feisty and always sticks up for herself, never letting people push her around.  She puts the needs of her friends and family first and is the best friend I could ever have.’

All about Sara, written by Le
Sara is the Owner/Operator of Svastha Spa 

What Does Work Mean to You?  I can imagine for my other self employed sisters and brothers we all started in an industry because we had a passion. If your dream job is anything like mine it quickly transforms from play to work. I found this to be true even in a super creative industry of artists. Running a photography business is work and delivering on client expectations can be daunting. About 4 years ago I started feeling bogged down and little less inspired. Finding a creative groove despite doing what I loved creatively was becoming more difficult. I started shooting for fun again and it changed everything for me. I love photographing people but what I wanted to create was art that came without any expectations. Now I plan something creative at least once or twice a month – sometimes it’s women or men in the nude, sometimes it’s documenting a family, and other times it’s shooting in nature. What this endeavour has infused back into my professional work is a sense of purpose and an immeasurable level of creative energy.

How do you love work? So, I’m curious what does your work life bring to your private life? Whether it’s entrepreneurial, a 9-5 gig, a side hustle, or otherwise? How do you stay connected at work and is there something in your personal life that brings a little magic to your work life?

Our Spring Session at the Flower Shop. This month a few of us are getting together to play around in some pretty fantastic spaces. Thursday morning we’ll be shooting with Molly at her flower shop in Huntsville (Jane Marshall Flowers) with Lindsay from Little Black Bow and Vanessa Monteith – our makeup artist. It’ll be spring themed AND what I’m most excited about is getting to photograph Lindsay, which I haven’t done in years!

Dancing at Elliot and Olivia. At the end of the month we’re headed north to Elliot and Olivia in North Bay one of the loveliest bridal shops around. Bailey, the owner, Vanessa and Kelsey, a super talented professional figure skater are planning something a little different. We’re not photographing dresses or even lingerie really. We’ll be photographing some gorgeous body scapes!

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