I’d like you to meet Sara Ross. She’s been a friend and colleague for years now and she’ll be joining the hair and makeup team once our lovely Vanessa is further along in her pregnancy and focusing on her new mom life this summer. Instead of asking Sara for a bio I asked her partner Le to share her thoughts instead. Here you go;

‘She’s the pervy-est girl I’ve ever been with, and on a daily basis makes me blush.  That being said, she is the most compassionate, kind and loving person I have had the privilege of knowing. Sara is continuously working on self-improvement while remembering to be gentle with herself. Sara has a dark, but endearing sense of humor.  She is introspective and is well aware of all of her quirks. Sara pushes me to be my best self by supporting the decisions that I make and helping me face my fears.  She is feisty and always sticks up for herself, never letting people push her around.  She puts the needs of her friends and family first and is the best friend I could ever have.’

All about Sara, written by Le
Sara is the Owner/Operator of Svastha Spa