What Does Work Mean to You?  I can imagine for my other self employed sisters and brothers we all started in an industry because we had a passion. If your dream job is anything like mine it quickly transforms from play to work. I found this to be true even in a super creative industry of artists. Running a photography business is work and delivering on client expectations can be daunting. About 4 years ago I started feeling bogged down and little less inspired. Finding a creative groove despite doing what I loved creatively was becoming more difficult. I started shooting for fun again and it changed everything for me. I love photographing people but what I wanted to create was art that came without any expectations. Now I plan something creative at least once or twice a month – sometimes it’s women or men in the nude, sometimes it’s documenting a family, and other times it’s shooting in nature. What this endeavour has infused back into my professional work is a sense of purpose and an immeasurable level of creative energy.

How do you love work? So, I’m curious what does your work life bring to your private life? Whether it’s entrepreneurial, a 9-5 gig, a side hustle, or otherwise? How do you stay connected at work and is there something in your personal life that brings a little magic to your work life?

Our Spring Session at the Flower Shop. This month a few of us are getting together to play around in some pretty fantastic spaces. Thursday morning we’ll be shooting with Molly at her flower shop in Huntsville (Jane Marshall Flowers) with Lindsay from Little Black Bow and Vanessa Monteith – our makeup artist. It’ll be spring themed AND what I’m most excited about is getting to photograph Lindsay, which I haven’t done in years!

Dancing at Elliot and Olivia. At the end of the month we’re headed north to Elliot and Olivia in North Bay one of the loveliest bridal shops around. Bailey, the owner, Vanessa and Kelsey, a super talented professional figure skater are planning something a little different. We’re not photographing dresses or even lingerie really. We’ll be photographing some gorgeous body scapes!