We’re celebrating on June 2nd!
I think you’re probably familiar with Lindsay Alexander by now? She owns the lingerie shop, Little Black Bow in Muskoka. She’s celebrating her 8th anniversary this June. Officially it’s June 4th! Time flies.

Her and I have been dreaming of a women’s empowerment and body positivity event for about 6 months now.  We’ve nailed down a date and are getting all the details together this month. Sunday June 2nd we’ll be hosting a party of sorts. This party though will require some support; some confident customers, clients, friends and family. It’s not just an open house, not just a great sale we’re going to celebrate what it is to love ourselves, show off our confident bodies and give back to the community, all while making a fuss of things downtown Bracebridge. Stay tuned for these details – boobs, bodies, and boudoir!