Once again I teamed up with my favourite lingerie store owner, Lindsay from Little Black Bow in Bracebridge. She brought an awesome selection of her most beautiful pieces, into Toronto. Here is just a peek…

And, if you’re a Northern girl, you’ve got some guts, and think you can rock a beautiful set of undies stay tuned. We’ve got something pretty spectacular coming up early this summer.

Thanks Lindsay! Check out Little Black Bow.

And it’s always a pleasure to work with hair and mu artist, Heather Snowie

LBB-Spring-©KateHood.ca_Toronto_Photographer_2013-24.jpg LBB-Spring-©KateHood.ca_Toronto_Photographer_2013-27.jpg LBB-Spring-©KateHood.ca_Toronto_Photographer_2013-41.jpg LBB-Spring-©KateHood.ca_Toronto_Photographer_2013-44.jpg