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My sweet nephew, Baby Henry! Born at home March 23, 723am. We were all there. Our entire family. Emily delivered baby Henry just as she had planned. Such an honour for us to have supported her through labour. It was my pleasure to photograph her newest little one.

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Sundridge newborn Photography

Huntsville newborn Photographers

Sundridge newborn Photographers

Muskoka newborn Photography

Muskoka newborn Photographers

Bracebridge newborn Photographers

You’ll get a kick out of this last image. We bribed Jack, Henry’s big brother with Marshmallows. Worked like a charm…the last shot could have been perfect except for the marshmallow booby. 😉 Love you, Jack!

Huntsville newborn Photography

2 Responses to “Baby Henry//Muskoka Newborn Photographer”

  1. Alex Sayers

    Love these photos Kate and Emily! And love the marshmellow booby!

  2. Lindsay

    He is perfect… Emily, you are so good at making babies!!!!! Can’t wait to meet Henry. xo

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