You know you have those days. Those days (and I don’t have them often) when it feels like you’re faced with one stumble after another. Your heart sinks deeper and deeper into your chest because things just aren’t going right? I had that day today. It was an office day. All I wanted to do was jump out of my chair, get as far away from my desktop as I could, grab my camera and shoot something! Something that would make me happy. Something that would make me giggle. I wanted to smile! I wanted to laugh. Today, in my office there was NOTHING to laugh about.

Luckily!!! It all turned around. At 530 I kissed my boys goodbye and fled the house. Camera bag in tow, tank full of gas, I pumped something top 40-ish and sang my way to Deb and Martin’s house. I smiled, I felt light hearted, and I took photographs of Deb’s beautiful family. It was a perfect way to end the day. I was met with a baby kiss. I got to snuggle Ethan (who is the same age as my Charlie), and I had the pleasure of watching Deb’s baby belly roll around.

I really am fortunate to do what makes me happy. Not just generally happy but REALLY happy. Taking pictures actually changes my mood. Thank you Deb, Martin, and Ethan for turning my grumpy office day frown into a glorious smile. From now on I will come to your house with my camera every  time I feel down! xoxox

PS This is just a very small piece of our time together. I wanted to let Deb and Martin know how much I enjoyed my time with them today. I also just sent her a text…same message, fewer words.

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Muskoka Family Photographer

Cottage Country Family Photographers

Northern Ontario Family Photographer

I’ve shot many images of Deb. Here is her last session on the beach…my very first family beach session of the season!