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This year I’m shooting for two women I went to college with. I’ve known these women for 10 years and have reconnected with then each through facebook. The irony of it all is that I did not go to college for photography. I studied environmental management and science for seven years (SEVEN). Two college diplomas and a degree later…now I take a pictures for a living. My mom reminds of this occasionally. I digress, I very much admire both of these women, who are intelligent, successful, dedicated individuals. Here is Toni. Getting married this fall in Ottawa, in a forest, beside a sugar shack with 15 of the people she loves most in life.

I was due for another visit to the farm before the wedding and thought her and I should get out shooting just for fun.  This is the first engagement session I’ve shot with just one half of the couple. Fun.







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  1. Toni Armonas

    Wow! Nice work Kate! Wedding day shots are going to be great! Thanks for such a fun session!

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