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8 Responses to “The Birth of Baby Julius//Toronto Birth Photographer”

  1. tiarabphoto

    WOW Kate! These are fantastic!!!! Really really Great Job!!!

  2. Lindsay

    Kate, these shots are incredible! You are so talented at capturing emotion. The first picture makes me want to cry every time. What an experience, thank you for sharing and a very special thank you to Sandy for allowing Kate to share these. Congratulations!

  3. Lindsay

    These capture a beautiful story… so wonderful, and emotional!! Congrats to you Sandy, thanks so much for sharing. Kate, you’re amazeballs. xo

  4. Jamie Lane-Baker

    Soo beautiful. What a great way to capture those moments!! Can’t wait unril 2014! Lol 🙂

  5. Ms. S.

    Kate – these are totally wonderful, you have captured so many different things! Love, pain, anxiety, new life, professionalism, patience, hope, it goes on. I love the contrast between parent-child emotions, and the steady surgical hands – somehow seems full of love, peace and faith in those around us on many different levels for me.

  6. Amanda

    WOW Kate! Your talent never ceases to amaze me! You are more than welcome in my delivery room any day!!! 😀 Thank you, Sandy for allowing us to see such intimate moments and congrats on your precious new addition!

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