Newborn babies are delicious. Wee Audrina, Little Miss as she is know to her parents is absolutely delicious! Newborn sessions are one of my favourites. The intimacy, the time invested, that chats, it’s all part of it. Newborn photography sessions can be long, relaxed afternoons of quiet feedings, cozy snuggles, and lots and lots of waiting.

If you’ve had a baby  you’ll know that they generally sleep for the first couple of weeks (yet somehow you’ve never slept so little in your life!), however when it’s time a for pictures we often have to coax babies into dreamland. After a few first-meeting-snuggles, a little tour around the house to find best light, and a quick chat about these first days of parenthood babies are often WIDE awake! And Audrina was not about to miss a thing. She slept for a total of…10 minutes. Our session lasted…3 hours! Makes me giggle. In the end I couldn’t have imagined having a sweeter, more alert, content little munchin. She was amazing. Almost 2 weeks old and so happy to be awake.

Congratulations to Meagan and Mike. I see in you two such confidence and awareness already. Little Miss chose a perfect set of parents. She is one lucky baby.  xo