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THIS IS IT! This is In Carnations in Sundridge (“like” their Facebook Fan Page here). Our sweet little town is oh-so-lucky to have such a fantastic flower designer! It’s incredible really?! Robin Andersen and her girls are doing an amazing job…they’re already planning for a ton of North Bay and Muskoka weddings booked for the summer.

I’m so pleased to share this with you. Just around Mother’s Day we decided to shoot a little series focussing just on floral design. I thought it would be great to feature this portion of what they do, especially for those brides that follow the blog, getting married in North Bay/Muskoka. I followed Robin around that afternoon while she created this stunning masterpiece.

You can reach In Carnations here (Check out their blog too):



In Carnations Wedding Flowers

Wedding Florists Muskoka

Wedding Flower Photography Muskoka

Wedding Florisits Muskoka Photographers

Wedding Photography Muskoka

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  1. incarnationsdesigns

    Love them Kate!!! Stunning as always! Thank you sooo much! And thank you for your rave reviews! Can’t wait until we work together again!

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