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A couple of weekends ago I was in Brampton shooting an Engagement session in Yorkville (find it here). When I shoot in Toronto I get to stay with my sister! I LOVE HER…and her family. She has the most fabulous little guy, Jack, the greatest baby-friendly dog you might ever meet, and her backyard was already green! It was a rainy weekend. So, you know what we do on rainy weekends? Bath time, pretty much all day, and we couldn’t resist a warm rainy afternoon of pictures in the backyard.

Meet some of my family. I love them. A lot.

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Best Muskoka Ontario Family Photographer

Muskoka Ontario Family Photographers

Huntsville Ontario Family Photographer

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Best Muskoka Ontario Baby Photographer

Best MUskoka Baby Photographer

Best Huntsville Ontario Baby Photographer

2 Responses to “Babies, Sisties, and a Hudson//Muskoka Family Photographer”

  1. Hannah

    I love your family!!!!!! You are all SOOOO beautiful xxx

    • katehood

      Hannah Banannah! I love them too. Oh so much. We can’t wait to see you and your wee Chicken. Just confirmed I have time for 3-5 portrait sessions! You are FIRST! I’m shooting Charlotte right away! So excited.

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