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I have had the most fantastic weekend. I’ve had my family with me travelling back and forth to Toronto, I went on a date with my husband, and my baby made a new friend. This week I took J and Mr. Baby to a few business-y things. One of which was my session with this beautiful 4 month old.

Meet Charlie’s new little buddy Cameron. Cameron is just 3 days younger than my Charlie, he’s got the most expressive little eyes (and eye brows), he’s sweet and calm and very gentle (unlike my pinchy, boisterous little boy), and if you catch him at the right moment he’ll shoot you the most amazing little smile. Best thing about Cameron is the look he gave his dad morning. He lowers his chin, raises his eye brows, looks to his dad and turns his head ever so slightly. If he were a teenager I bet he’d be thinking “Dad, yeah right…you’re full of it!”

Cameron’s mom and I go waaaaay back. Grade 10 or 11 kind of way back. This is the first time we’ve seen each other in 11 years. Crazy. Pretty much the same-same but a bit different.

Enjoy a peek at our new buddy Cameron. Hoping to see them again soon.

Barrie Ontario Family Photographer

Barrie Ontario Family Photographers

Gravenhurst Ontario Family Photographer

Gravenhurst Ontario Family Photographers

Barrie Ontario Baby Photographer

Barrie Ontario Baby Photographers

Best Gravenhurst Baby Photographer

Best Gravenhust Ontario Baby Photographers

Best Barrie Baby Photorapher

Best Barrie Baby Photographers

Best Bracebridge Ontario Baby Photographer

Best Bracebridge Baby Photographer

2 Responses to “Jason, Robyn, & Cameron//Barrie Family Photographer”

  1. Robyn

    Kate…we are so in love with these pictures! You did an amazing job! I can’t stop looking at them and I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Robyn & Jason

    • katehood

      R & J. Seeing you guys was great and it was so fun to meet little Cameron. Awesome that our babes are just about the same age. Glad you love these shots! You guys were fantastic.

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