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Meet sweet little Mr. DJ. He’s little, long, with two perfectly curly eye lashes, the most beautiful sleepy baby bits, and a perfect ski jump nose-just like his momma. He’s already four weeks, his whimpers sound like a puppy, and when he smiles it lands from ear to ear. It’s amazing that this gorgeous, perfectly put together little man took just nine months to assemble. Takes my breath away every time I meet a new little muffin.

In fact, when I arrived at Jamie and Dave’s home I rushed in, leaving all of my gear in the car…I could not wait to meet wee DJ. I scooped him in my arms, took a deep breath in (sigh*…baby smell), and wanted to hear all about his arrival. And what an arrival it was…the kind every first time momma wants. Quick! Jamie tells me DJ arrived before the home birthing tub was filled! As she recounted the moments after birth, calling family, snuggling in their family bed I began to tear up. We both got weepy. Eyes red, nose sniffly kind of weepy. And I hadn’t even taken off my lens cap.

Enough of that…enough words, more pictures. Sweet DJ. Looking forward to our next rainy day session.

Muskoka Ontario Newborn Photographer

Huntsville Ontario Newborn Photographer

Muskoka Ontario Newborn Photographers

Huntsville Ontario Newborn Photographers

Huntsville Ontario Family Photographer

Muskoka Ontario Family Photographers

Muskoka Ontario Family Photographer

Huntsville Ontario Family Photographers

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Hunstville Ontario Newborn Photographer

Muskoka Newborn Photographer

Hunstville Newborn Baby Photographer

Muskoka Newborn Baby Photographer

3 Responses to “New Baby DJ//Huntsville-Muskoka Newborn Photographer”

  1. jamie

    You are amazing to work with. From the very first introduction, I felt comfortable and relaxed. A feeling as if I had known you my whole life or as if you were a life long friend. You made the experience memorable and personal. I will never forget these moments,these little baby bits,as you call them. You really do amazing and creative work. I’m looking forward to working with you again soon. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, ~Jamie

    • katehood

      Jamie! I loved hanging out with you, DJ and now Dave. So glad we’ve connected.

  2. pat julian

    Oh my what beautiful pictures of a new life…you both looked so much in love with your new son..

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