I’m posting this photo to try to win a free spot in the

FunkyTown Destination Wedding Photography Workshop.

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On October 21, 2011 a group of photographers will be departing for Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a Destination Wedding Photography Workshop. I REALLY want to be one of them!!! But not just any-one of them, I want to be THE photographer who won her place on the course. This will require a lot of FB voting solicitation. I would appreciate all the help I can get. Take a close look at the image then follow the instructions below…hopefully this image is compelling enough to…


Muskoka Baby Photographer

OK…so this is THE image! The image that represents ME as a photographer.

I love truth in images. Babies are pretty awesome too.

I also love capturing a popular subject with just a touch of edge.

If you’re reading this please, please do three things;

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3) Please, please, please encourage EVERYONE YOU KNOW to do the same!

These last instructions are optional;

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I really do appreciate all the help and support you have to give.

Thank you so much.