A Canadian Photographer

My first couples bedroom session was awesome. Can’t get over how perfect Anna and Chris are together.

We kept this session sweet and sexy. They were fabulous models. Could you image a better way to spend a Friday afternoon…giggling in your undies at The Thompson ?!

PS My talented sisty, Em helped style this session and got her hands a little dirty, so to speak, shooting along side me. It was so cool.

Love to you all.

Boudoir Photographer Thompson Hotel Toronto

Toronto boudoir Photographer

Thompson Hotel Boudoir Photographer

Toronto Boudoir Photographer

Bedroom Boudoir Toronto Ontario

Toronto Couples Boudoir Photographer

Couple's Boudoir Photography

Couple's Boudoir Photographer Toronto

above shot by Em Hood

couples sexy photographs toronto

couples bedroom photographer toronto

Engagement Boudoir Photographer Toronto

above shot by Em Hood

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  1. sharon hartman

    Chris and Anna are both so beautiful. I love them.

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