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I’m reworking a collection of 2011/12 khi Photography Business cards and came across these two images from John and Sam’s Wedding at The Eglington Grand last year. They rocked that wedding. The location was spectacular. And the company fantastic. I love these photographs!

It’s funny how when editing I get so caught up in a certain set of images. A year later these ones catch my eye.

Happy First Wedding Anniversary you two. Much Love to you both. Looking forward to sharing in the next phase of life! xoxox

Kate & J

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Toronto Wedding Photographer

The image below is of John and Sam a few months later. They modelled for me…she trashed her dress a little for the sake of my promo video. LOVE them.

Toronto Wedding Photographer

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  1. Sam

    Hi Kate,
    Thanks so much for the post wishing us a happy anniversary! We loved having the opportunity to have you capture our very special day on April 16, 2010! Thank you also for giving us the opportunity to relive that day at your promo video shoot. We love and cherish all of our photos and couldn’t have asked for a better experience and outcome. Our pictures ROCK!

    Thanks again Kate and we will be sure to include you in capturing the next phase of our lives when our little man arrives in August!

    Love and gratitude,

    Sam and John!

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