My dear friend Wendy Martin, of Sacred Breath Yoga, and I got together last week (pretty much every week, let’s be honest) and shot a series of bright shinny  spring yoga images. Every time we shoot together we spend the afternoon giggling at sideways, twisted, silly yoga poses. Often the way we imagine a pose will appear on camera is not the way it happens at all. I should clarify, often the way Wendy experiences the intricate perfection of a pose is not the way it appears on camera. This ALWAYS makes us laugh. We’ve learned to add a bit of…I don’t know…sass (?) to each of the simpler poses. She’ll often hear me say “not your serious yoga face!”

Here is just a small peek.

Join her Wendy Martin Yoga Facebook page for the most fabulous and insightful daily thoughts and of course to see a few more images. And if you’re in the in neighbourhood (downtown, Main Street, Huntsville, Ontario) pop in for a class or just to say “Hi”.

Hunstville Ontario Commercial Photographer

Huntville Ontario Commercial Photographer