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Another stellar day for a photo shoot in the Bahamas! We are so lucky to be here, travelling these beautiful islands. Today though, my husband and I got to travel by boat from Paradise Island to Rose Island just 10 miles off the coast. At the risk of sounding like a school girl (I usually do), OMGEEEE! The ocean is blue, yes, but this ocean is a brilliant piercing blue. More brilliant than any other piece of the planet I’ve ever seen. It’s spectacular.

And not only were we lucky enough to experience Rose Island before our departure we had the pleasure of meeting for the first time, and shooting, Christie and her fiance Andy. Originally from the Ottawa area, these two beauties met eight years ago, began having (what they imagined were) lofty and fantastical dreams of cruising the ocean. “Maybe even the Bahamas?!”, they would muse. Today though, two years after realizing their dreams they’re planning their wedding for May…on Rose Island with all the people they love most.

J and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Nassau Bahamas Engagement Photographer

Nassau Bahamas Wedding Photographer

Bahamian Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Nassau Bahamas Boudoir Photographer

Rose Island Engagement Photography

Nassau Destination Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Rose Island Destination Wedding Photographer

Nassau Bahamas Destination Engagement Photographer

Nassau Bahamas Couples Photographer

Rose Island Destination Engagement Photographer

Rose Island Beach Bahamas

Paradise Island Bahamas Wedding Photographer

Nassau Bahamas Destination Photographer

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  1. Cristina Alt

    sexy!! love the shots and can I just say how jealous I am of the heat you are basking in right now?? It’s like -15 here 😦 the snow is not budging.

  2. Tayler Laronde

    OH MY FREAKING GOD. my aunt is so beautiful! :). loveeeeeee these pics! freaking amazing 🙂

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