We loved shooting this wedding! So much. I know, I say that a lot…and I say that a lot too. Denice and Shane are amazing to work with! I loved every second.

You just never know how the wedding day will go when there are just brief snippets of conversation, emails, and meetings with a bride and groom before a wedding day. With Denice and Shane this was no issue. Although Shane is originally from the Muskoka area these two have been travelling around the globe for work, play, and education. After eloping in the States, moving to Amsterdam, then home from Amsterdam they’ve now settled in Chicago. We were pressed for time, all arrangements were made via Skype the year before!

More fabulousness re Denice and Shane and their awesome Parry Sound Wedding…perhaps it was that these two were already married, perhaps it was their silly, playful romantic love, perhaps it was the endless support these two have from each and every one of their friends and family…likely a combination of all three, whatever it was this day was perfect. No stress, no worries, all fun!

Let’s get to the goods already. Cheers to Denice and Shane for hosting one of the very best, most heart-felt, full of love kind of Muskoka Wedding days we’ve had the pleasure of photographing!

P.S. After seeing this location I’m pretty sure you’ll want to be married there! I want to shoot EVERY wedding here…The Ridge at Manitou that is. My understanding is, unfortunately (or fortunately) they’re kind of exclusive…as in only three weddings a year. You better know someone who knows someone, who is married to someone who knows a member…if you do CALL ME!

You may also want to hook yourselves up with Mr. Albert Graves of “Bloemen Decor” in Toronto. He did a stellar job, we were blown away!