Ms. P did this for her hubby. As you can imagine husbands, lovers, and boyfriends LOVE this. They LOVE it. He LOVED it.

All of my women clients are nervous about this. It’s quite the process unrobing for a camera. I suppose I take it for granted, it’s easy for me to experience this from behind the lens, I can see it all unfolding so to speak.  My clients, of course cannot. My favourite part of any boudoir session is when a client begins to take a step she didn’t imagine she would. Perhaps it’s a pose or an outfit, often it’s a little more nudity, perhaps its complete nudity. Whatever it is, it is always interesting and telling. I appreciate so much that women are willing to take these risks in front of my camera. We have such a deep history of self judgement and criticism. I’m honoured to be part of conquering all that B.S.

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