A Canadian Photographer

This was a great shoot!!! Maya and Jacob were game for anything. I met with their momma the afternoon before our shoot and made a few plans…again another cold day in Rankin Inlet, so we shot inside. Plans are lovely, but this was better. More little monkeys on the bed, monkeys in the bath, monkeys with cats, and the cutest little brother and sister monkeys all over each other. Maya calls her big brother “my jacob”. Everywhere he was, she wanted to be too. Everywhere she was, he has his eye on her. I spent four hours shooting with them, first with these two and then a second little shoot in the afternoon. They were lovely. I sincerely hope I get to have more afternoons with these two when they come visit Ontario.

4 Responses to “Hangin’ out with Mini Hidalgos//Family Photography”

    • katehood

      thanks W. i know you love the bubbs! the mask was an afterthought…not mine. too cute.

  1. Douja

    YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! Clearly you have talent!

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