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There are a few people I’ve photographed many times…no one as many times as my sister (early maternity at the beach and later maternity in the bedroom). She is a beautiful sister…and now she is a beautiful mother. On February 16th she gave birth to her first baby boy, Jack. She lives in Rankin Inlet but gave birth in Winnipeg (as I understand it, this is the norm…). Unfortunately I was unable to be there for the birth but our parents were there. As a women whose never experience pregnancy or birth, I have to warn you I am a little romantic about this story.

This wasn’t really real for me until I got the call at 3am on February 16 from a noisy hotel room downtown Winnipeg…gasp! I could hear my sister having contractions. I had never heard that noise before. My heart sank and I cried. We were having a baby. It was time! I’m getting teary eye thinking about those moments now. I begged my father who was on the other line “Please, please take the phone to where she is, let me hear her! Is she OK? Where is her hubby? Where is her momma?!” Hesitantly I hung up the phone and immediately Facebooked my brother in New Zealand. I waited. I went to bed. I woke up my husband. I waited and I finally slept.

At 820am that morning I heard my cell ring…gasp! Blocked call…always my dad. No hello just “Dad? Do we have a baby? Is he here?” He’s HERE! We HAD A BABY! The best baby. We cried together about his first grandson, about his secret name, we would all finally know…we had a baby Jack. We cried about our Emily, my sister, my father’s daughter, and Jack’s strong mother.

I have seen women act like me…I didn’t know. I really didn’t understand. I get it now. Baby Jack is ours. He is the first new generation our immediate family has ever known. He is truly a love child. A beautiful little being conceived out of love and dedication. This new baby has brought us new perspective.

My sister is my idol. She is the big sister now.

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  1. Big sister Emily

    I love you Auntie Kate. I only got to the second sentence before I was reading through tears…in a beautiful, happy way. I love you. I am so fortunate to have you as my Sisty, and Jack is so lucky to have you as his Auntie Kate!

    • katehood

      sheesh sisty! can you believe you’re finally the big sister? love you and jack and hubby with all my heart. i await your return.

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