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I cannot believe I have not yet blogged about Charlotte and Jon’s Port Carling wedding! We shot their wedding back in September (so much back posting still to do). We loved this wedding so much. Sooooo much. Truly, these two young lovers were two of my favourite people to see wed. We witnessed so much love and support between them and their families, it was moving. The kind of love these two must have felt on their wedding day is the kind every young couple should be held by.

We were lucky to have been chosen by them to shoot this weeding. Thank you, Jon and Char.

And P.S. they all danced down the aisle to a sweet Micheal Jackson tune. Check out their video on Facebook!

And P.P.S. Some of these photos require a little explanation…rockin’ out in church to M.J., Riding your bike in a suit with a broken foot, Munching on snacks, in the car, because you’re starving after getting married, Leading an ’80’s workout video with the rest of your table ’cause Jon and Char asked you too, and finally Being utterly embarassed by your big sister’s stories of your love for large soulful women!

Such a great wedding.

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    • katehood

      shawn moreton. thank you thank you. you are too good to me with your comment dedication. we need to get out shooting together already…enough is enough.! can’t wait to hear about your weekend.

    • katehood

      me too laszlo! we’re going to have so much fun. can’t wait to chat about all the details and meet the babe. so exciting.

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