A Canadian Photographer

I recently took a little road trip to Kingston with the purpose of meeting and photographing new borns, Mary Jo and Beatrix. It was wonderful. These perfect little twins are…well perfect. I was lucky enough to spend the night and shoot all day on Monday. Between naps, feedings, and changes were shot for 5 hours. It was a great way to work. Sleepover parties with babies, parents, and great dinners are totally up my alley, FYI.

Thanks Matt and Susan for the visit and the chance to capture these beautiful images. Your babies made my job easy and it was wonderful to finally meet them both.

P.S. This is post one of two…we took a lot of photographs. Stay tuned. To view the entire first half of the album visit smugmug, http://katehood.smugmug.com/Family/Mary-Jo-and-Beatrix

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