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Sigh*…to capture dear Rowan was a breeze! A very exciting, funny, and silly breeze. Ms. Rowan may be one of the easiest children to photograph ever…like in the history of children’s photography. And this not to say I don’t have a wonderful time with all the kids I get to play with. It simply means I have never worked with a child so involved in the photographic process. Rowan and I had met before, if only briefly (I don’t think she would have remembered), she greeted me on her Sundridge stoop, with puppy and mommy in tow. She had a basket of goodies; a two two, balls, scarves, wands, dresses…and the list goes on (Lori, Rowan’s momma makes the most incredibly unique children’s toys, check out her great stuff on Etsy, http://beneaththerowantree.etsy.com . It was if we were old friends, she didn’t skip a beat.

We only shot for about 2 hours, but within those 120 minutes she didn’t stop smiling…at the camera. Every frame was a new and uber fabulous pose. And when it was all said done she pouted. Rowan could NOT understand why this photographic fun was over, why I couldn’t stay and play all night?!

I LOVE working with children. Children’s photography is so much fun. Whether kiddies are shy and quiet or boisterous and outgoing, every one I capture comes with a new perspective. Cheers to a great summer of weddings, families, and babies!

To enjoy Rowan’s session in it’s entirety click here, http://katehood.smugmug.com/Family/Under-the-Rowan-Tree.

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